AP Calculus Lesson 8
Application of Derivatives-Finding Extreme Values of Functions

AP Calculus Lesson 7
Intermediate Value Theorem

AP Calculus Lesson 6
Implicit Differentiation

AP Calculus Lesson 5
Product and Chain Rules

AP Calculus Lesson 4
Derivatives of `e^x`and `sin(x)`

AP Calculus Lesson 3
Introduction to Derivative

AP Calculus Lesson 2
Limit and Continuity of Functions

AP Calculus Lesson 1
Limit of Sequences

Kinetic and Potential Energy of a Ball on a Ramp
Look at this nifty ramp you made! Let's roll some stuff off of it, shall we? Good thing we know all about potential energy and kinetic energy, because that will allow us to calculate all kinds of things, like the velocity of the ball at any given point.

Conservation of Energy
This video covers: - Conservation of energy principle - Open vs closed systems - Examples of how energy is transferred

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